Video: Review of our last Salsa con Despelote class

Invitation to Dance Sensations

Hola mi gente 😀 , Here is the video of our latest Salsa Casino con Despelote class at Dance Sensations.

The theme of the class was the addition of elements of Despelote in a Casino figure.

Aude and I (Fares Shanguito) incorporated movements that you will find very regularly on the dance floor, on video or on stage. Using this type of movement at the right moment will give energy to your dance but also create a new moment of complicity. Be careful not to forget that you are dancing as a couple. It is together that we must shine 😉

It’s an improvisation, so you’ll find the movement several times with transitional steps or combinations 🙂

Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour plus de vidéos!

PS: A huge thank you to Vanessa and Dada for the invitation, you’re a sweetheart. Big Up to you the family to organize such an event full of positive energy!

For more information visit their Dance Sensations. Facebook page.


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