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Video: A review of our Salsa atest movement class.

Hola mi gente 😀 ,

Here is the video of our last Salsa moving class at Cuban Sound – Intensive Danse (Paris)

The theme of the class was moving in closed position. The most beautiful moves in Salsa Casino are inspired by the Son Cubano.

Aude and I (Fares Shanguito) were inspired by certain movements to embellish this basic position. The closed position is in my opinion the most important position in Salsa Casino and in all ballroom dances. It is the Alpha and Omega hahahahha. More seriously, we start the music with it until the “montuno“, we come back to it often during each transition and we finish it. So it’s important not to abandon it

At the beginning of video you also have a small step to enrich your vocabulary when you dance alone (e). It always feels good so here it is 🙂

Enjoy and see you soon. Guiroooooo!


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Guiroooooo ! 

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