Farès Shanguito

 Passion and dedication

"It is now more than 20 years since I started dancing, including 15 years of Cuban dance, mainly Cuban Salsa (Casino).
I often tell my students that duration and age mean nothing. Only desire, passion and dedication are important. 

My sources of influence were Hip Hop, Break Dance, House, Dancehall, Funk. Today I dance where the wind carries me passionately in Salsa Casino and online ("Puerto Rican"), Rumba (Yambu, Guaguanco, Son, Afro...

The courses I give are a summary of my learning, travel and research in musicology. During these courses I save you 20 years, as well as the years during which my maestros transmitted to me what they knew and what I learned: D "

Fares Shanguito

His career path

Découvre la Salsa


Intègre l’école Elegua


Professeur au conservatoire de Ballainvilliers


Intègre la troupe “Calle Real”de Jorge Camaguey


Professeur dans différentes Universités à Barcelone ESEC – ESADE – Pompeu Fabra…

Professeur à l’école Intensive Danse


Recherche en Musicologie à Cuba


Professeur référent de l’école Salsa con Elegua

His Maestros

Jorge Camaguey (Conjunto Folklorico de Camaguey), Hector Oviedo (Yoruba Andabo), Julio Manguero (founder of the Congo Real Academy), William Martinez (Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba), Leivan Garcia (Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba), Greetchen Mendez (Institut Supérieur d'Art de Cuba ISA)

Some achievements....

Presentation of the Homage Show to TATA Guïnes

Imagined and produced in Cuba, this show was born from the exchange between Shanguito and Leivan Garcia (first dancer and choreographer of the Conjunto Folkloriko de Cuba). On stage as a soloist, Shanguito pays tribute to the legendary percussionist TATA Guïnes by moving from the contemporary to the Son and the Rumba.


Special guest at Elegante's concert on 9x3 Rumba

A Columbia ( Rumba) improvised during Elegante's concert. Expression of a pure exchange between the singer and the dancer. Guiroooooooo

Performance at the Folies Bergère - Concert by Joachim Horsley

When classical music meets Cuban culture...

In one year, nearly 10 million Internet users have chosen Joachim Horsley for his "cubanized" version of the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony.
The talent of this extraordinary pianist subtly balances the power of classical music with the authenticity of Cuban music. On the occasion of this unique concert in one of the most beautiful theatres in Paris, accompanied by 4 musicians, he revisits Mahler, Shostakovitch, Bach, Chopin, Saint Saens... all staged by different paintings by dancers Gissel Ortiz and Fares Shanguito for the joy of the 1400 spectators present.


Calle Real Troop - "Rumba Extrema"

Presentation of the "Rumba Extrema" Show of Jorge Camaguey's Calle Real Band, (Barcelona 2011)