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Video: Back to our last Salsa con Despelote class

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Fares Shanguito Aude HM Salsa Casino Reggaeton

Hola mi gente 😀 , Here is the video of our latest Salsa Casino con Despelote à Dance Sensations class The course theme was the addition of Despelote elements to a Casino figure. Aude and I (Fares Shanguito) have incorporated movements that you will find very regularly on the track, on video or on stage. […]


How make quick progress in Dance?

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Aude HM - Shanguito - Timba Revolution Courbe2

When we first set foot in the world of dance, and particularly in the world of social dance (e. g. salsa), we all wanted to progress quickly. Why progress? I think it’s above all about getting self-confidence when dancing with the “other”. The second reason would be for me, that it allows you to have […]